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A steady stream of polyamory in the news has continued during the last four months. If you haven't kept up with what the world has been saying about us — or haven't friended the nice LJ feed — here's some of what you missed:

  • The ruckus over the "monogamy gene," junk science, and my hunch why polys might test out as hyper-monogamous by this genetic standard.

  • One of the best-ever interviews explaining modern, Western polyamory was broadcast over Bush Radio in South Africa. You can watch the same lady appearing on South African TV.

  • The open-marriage variety of poly gets a fair and serious airing in Canada's conservative national newspaper, after some internal editorial drama.

  • Open marriages, and author Jenny Block, get more like a quickie trashing on Fox TV's Morning Show. Block and other good folks got a much better chance to say their piece on the Tyra Banks show a few days later.

  • In fact, the recent poly books like Block's keep getting us a lot of fair and honest media attention. I especially want to see the new novel Love You Two, the first, the author tells us, "to address polyamorous and bisexual relationships, particularly for young adults, in Australia." She seeks critical feedback.

  • Lots of coverage of Poly Pride Weekend in New York, including what happened, speeches from the stage in Central Park (mine included), and media coverage from the New York Times to, best of all, the neighborhood weekly Chelsea Now.

  • Out and proud: a student takes the plunge. Elsewhere, students explain poly from a queer perspective.

  • Poly coming to stage and screen.

  • Compersion for beginners in a young-women's magazine, plus opinions about the word.

  • An advice column from the Heinleinian poly-normal future falls out of a time machine into Canada's biggest national newspaper.

  • Meanwhile, a roundup of present-day poly advice columns.

  • "Family", a new webcast sitcom about what's shaping up to be a too-innocent triad.

    And more. . . .


    Here's the site: Polyamory in the News ( The most recent 10 items are up front.

    Here are the August, September, October, and November archives.

    Here's where to get the LJ friends feed.

    I've done 261 of these reports in the last three years. They're sorted in the archive by category and sometimes location. Have fun browsing!

    December cheers,


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